Manguetas Geomaster 3 Driftworks - S13 S14 S15

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Geomaster 3 Hub Knuckles for the Nissan S Chassis - S13 S14 & S15

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Geomaster 3 Front: Improvements in steering lock, drop and kinematics over the already fantastic Geomaster 2.
Provisions for ABS sensors & we've tested to the absolute limits of what is achievable while retaining a front anti roll bar. 
Setting One Specifics: This is intended for Street Style Drift & Track / Grip use. It has minor revisions over the extremely popular Geomaster 2 knuckles: Namely:
7% quicker steering, a slightly reduction in ackermann, 13mm improvement in roll centre correction, and 6mm increase in scrub radius.
Setting Two Specifics: This is intended for Extreme Drift Use: It has extensive changes over Geomaster 2 kinematics, Namely: 18% quicker steering, fully optimised ackermann angle to acheive the best possible steering angle and feel while retaining the an anti roll bar option. 25mm increase in scrub radius.

Geomaster 3 Rear: New improved version from Dec 2017 - Improvements in drop & kinematics. All new spherical bearings in place of bushes for less camber and toe deflection. Double brake caliper mounts, internal drum handbrake compatible. Improved overall rigidity. 

The new coating: We have chosen a zinc + polyurethane process, offering impressive durability, and vast improvements in corrosion resistance.

Please note:
These are a racing part, and as such are not suitable for road use. 
When using setting two (Extreme Drift Mode) The fronts require the tension rod shortening, and the top of the coilover moving forward to reduce castor. This can be done by rotating a normal camber adjustable top mount by 120* (no drilling or modification required).
S13 fitment is for 5 stud vehicles only

Compatible con s13 portando bujes de s14 o similar 

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